Goal of UrsDay Organisation:

To Wake up & Educate – To Empower – To Create Leaders Under the Ideology of ursday Organisation, We Start UrsDay Education.


Is your Current School Education enough to solve Real-life Problem & understand the Changing Demands of The World. So, We believe in Reinventing The Education by Creativity to match upcoming Worlds Demands.

Our History

History Of UrsDay : Back in 2005, a group of young engineering students studying at LIT Nagpur University were driven by an innocent dream that they too could bring about a change in someone else’s life. Like many of us, the founder of Ursday Organisation, Heetesh, was too upset when he saw the disparities between the rich and poor people, especially among the young children and mothers. The children had no source of education and worked as labourers and servants, while the mothers turned into prostitutes by night, to provide bread and butter for the family. Unlike most of us though, he, along with some of his friends did something about it. They started going to these areas after their normal classes to help the children read and write, and raised funds whenever they could in the college for their families.